Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Working Mother

Let us first get this out of the way… all mothers work! Period! And that there are multiple kinds of ‘Working Mothers’. 1st Kind: Those who work-work. They work outside their home and therefore have to work inside too. You get the drift? No one understands the middle path better than this kind. I am sure you also get the drift why they are 1st on this list! And if I may add another angle to this – INDIAN, for a good measure(please also note the uppercase)… oh boy! This kind wants to be a superwoman (tee hee hee…). And cannot blame her, what with such formidable opponents as… Ah let me not name them! You know them anyways! See… it happened again… the Middle Path! Now that I have made my point, aquamarine clear (can’t afford crystals), should I even bother with other kinds. Lately though one variant to this kind which is uppermost in my list is the one who wants the entire world to feel bad about their status. Come on… it's you who decided to have a career and also be a super mom. You want to work late hours to prove that you are totally committed to the workplace and are ambitious to the T. Then why do you want me to feel guilty that you are not able to give time to your coochie-poochie. That is why I loved Michelle Pfeiffer’s Melanie Parker in ‘One Fine Day’. Her break-down in total despair at the police station must have been so cathartic. I think this is what gave her the courage to walk out of that presentation. Can you ever imagine doing something like that! Personally, if you ask me, I think that was unprofessional! Apart from this minor aberation she was just perfect to the last bit of that awkward kiss with Clooney… drool!!! 2nd Kind: These are also work-work! Works at home to be the perfect home-maker – rajma-chawal one day, Mexican spaghetti the other, grilled vegetables with mashed potatoes and some more. They work out of home also - attending PTAs, rather she’s the PTA secretary; arranging the 15th August kiddie celebrations… and many such innumerable do’s which the ‘1st Kind' can only fantasize about… nope.. no kidding! This is what dreams are made up of. But the best of the lot is also a ‘work-work’ mother (go ahead… call me unimaginative!). They work all the time... Work on your kids so that they are not deprived of Motherly love (read pampering); work on your husband so that the poor baby gets manpasand khana. These are the kinds which makes the ‘1st Kind’ wanting to be a superwoman. They are around all the time to make the ‘1st Kind’ wanting to go for the kill (Ooops!)


  1. Hmm..
    One king wanting to be a superwoman and the other wanting to be pitied upon. Both of the kinds are seeing themselves in comparison to others, having lost touch with the inner self, the inner compass what I call.
    Nicely written.
    And I read your rule book as well :-)

  2. oops..that was one kind :-)
    Not one king.

  3. Isn't this the story of all working woman... Trying to be everything that the woman next door is not!