Saturday, 28 April 2012

Joy of Being an Underdog

Do not get me wrong. This is neither for nor against an ‘underdog’. It is just that the underdogs truly overwhelm me. I can keep pace with the other dogs but this species gets me all twisted up. I mean, have you ever noticed
how many movies are made every year about the underdog and his /her winning ‘formula’ or should I call it ‘fate’. I may be completely wrong (read biased) here, but somehow I do not remember watching a single film where the
film starts with the protagonist being at the losing end but thereafter continues the winning streak for the rest of the film.

Take your pick from these come-from-behind, rags-to-riches stories – Billy Elliot, Homer Hickman of October Sky, The greatest game ever played (hope I got the name right), and yes our own Ms Roberts as the Pretty Woman. Wish someone would take the story forward and tell us what happens after they move away from the side-lines to the limelight, does the dream run continues forever? What happens when another underdog starts lurking in the shadows? Do they understand the angst better and let the newbie take over without much fight?

That’s the joy of being an underdog. No questions, no undue pressure. Even if you win only once in your lifetime, everyone celebrates and makes all-time super grossers. Kya maze hain bhai  :) Com’on … accept it. Everyone
loves the small fry. They are the ones who make one feel important and powerful.

And the poor winner! Remember the look on Rancho’s friends faces when he topped his exam in ICE (3 Idiots). Raju Hirani, please take a bow! Only a winner like you will have such insights into the inner being!

Every time I look around there's so much pathos for the loosers (okie dokie… I am getting a bit personal here…). The boss gets all teary eyed and starts making such valid (read atrocious) excuses as macro-economic conditions
(whhhhat!!!), new to the role and the best of the lot…. LOYAL! Oh yeah… this is why it must be so much fun to be an… you know what!!!

This is the purest of examples of having your cake and eating it too… all the time! Remember how one reserves the biggest of sympathies for the poorer cousin. And this has been the real game changer. ‘cause all those
poor cousins are mandated to be super- successful in the future and will proudly relate  their  100-rupees-in-the-bank-account stories, 100 times, to the same set of people. Yes… we all love a sob story… who has time for
the winning ones.. you see, we do not like obnoxiousness! How immodest, how un cool!!! Beating you’re your own b******t. Ain’t it great then to be just THAT?

Plus it takes so much effort to sound nice to successful people. On the other hand, empathies find a natural flow towards the cry-baby. One cries and hence gets all the attention… other one nurtures the crying and continues to feel powerful. Such a win-win situation!

Plus, there is Forrest Gump! I rest my case.

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