Friday, 8 June 2012

The Hidden Agenda!

I laughed so much because I was afraid you would realize I do not have much to say. 

I do not say much, as I am super conscious that you would start judging me. 
I do not share my thoughts as they do not match yours.
I share my thoughts as I think they are superior to yours.
I share my thoughts, as it helps me clarify my own thoughts.
I do not share my thoughts as tomorrow the context and the sub-text will change.
I share my thoughts because 'deewaron-ke-bhee-kaan-hote-hain'.

I let you take the lead as at this point in time as I can not afford to loose you.
I let you take the lead, so that the pressure of performance is off my head.
I want to take the lead, as I also need to be in the limelight.

I love when the Sun plays peek-a-boo with the Cloud on a rainy day. Cloud, you are so very powerful during these 3 and a quarter months! Do you feel the need to be all-powerful, all the time? Ah, I know! You are magnanimous enough to not get perturbed by just these 15-minutes-of-fame thingy :) Plus, I am sure you must be finding this quite tiring. But the question is - what about the Sun?

I wake up late on weekends 'cause want all decisions to be taken by Savita, Jaishree and Saroj... My 3 musketeers 

I love idealism. It lets me hide my stubbornness. I try and find... my path.