Friday, 13 April 2012

The Rule Book!

Loves me… loves me not… before I build on this interesting (HA!) phenomenon… I thought it would be prudent (is this the right word to use here???) to lay out some ground rules for my brand new blog! Oh, not to worry… these are reminders for just for ME!

Rule no. 1 - no gyan. This will be hell of a difficult rule to follow ‘cause it’s the easiest for me to get into a gyan mode and start a pravachan. All the gyan that I possess (why that look of surprise…) has already been shared during my NMIMS classes (must remember to write on those days… hilarious); with my itsy-bitsy team (poor things, they poured their heart out during the 360 degree feedback… refer the 1st post) and of course the teenager at home (least impacted… my kinda girl :-)

Rule no. 2 – linked to rule number one – the posts have to be about me. Period.  (bitching has to be in person.. hee hee hee ;-)

Rule no. 3 – I will not try toooo hard to be funny. It has been a big put off for me. Have stopped reading certain blogs just because… well… they try too hard!

There! Simple and easy to follow. No middle path here. Amen!

PS: the first line was just to grab your attention ;)

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